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Let's join the largest exhibition for health, innovation, travel and design for all in ASEAN!

The 6th Thailand Friendly Design Expo 2022 Thailand’s biggest exhibition of Friendly Design products, innovations, technology, healthcare, medical industry, design, residences, travel, automobiles, transportations, and services for health lovers, the elderly, people with disabilities, wheelchair users, families, and the general public.

There were more than 80,000 visitors (Online & Onsite), and over 150 exhibitors in the latest event. The turnover value was around 253 million baht. The main idea of this year's event is "Friendly Tourism" towards the goal of becoming a friendly tourism city, healthy city, Friendly Design city, and a city that leaves no one behind for the development of good quality of life and happiness of people of all ages and all physical conditions.

Event date: 15 - 18 December 2022

Time : 10.00 - 19.00 hrs.

Location: EH 102 BITEC

For more information:

-Phone: 0818551199,083 139 8888

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