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Message from the President of Friendly Design for all Foundation and the Chairperson of FD EXPO 2022

Covid-19 situation around the world seems to be unraveling. Global economic stimulation and revitalization are progressing vigorously. The trend of tourism is bustling and likely to expand more than ever. The congestion for more than 2-3 years, organizing events and socializing activities in a new way (post covid) is coming back to bloom and flourish.

Friendly Design for all Foundation and partners from more than 120 organizations from the public and private sectors are preparing to organize an event to welcome people from over the world to Thailand at Thailand Friendly Design Expo 2022 in December 15-18.

This event jointly supports government policies and the economic drive of many countries worldwide to stimulate spending and revitalize trade and investment business. We also plan to promote tourism that leaves no one behind under the concept of Friendly Tourism divided into 9 areas as follows:

1.1 Friendly to nature and environment (Eco-Friendly Tourism)

1.2 Friendly with health and medical (Health & Medical-Friendly Tourism)

1.3 Friendly for the aging society (Aging Society-Friendly Tourism)

1.4 Friendly and accessible to all (Accessibility-Friendly Tourism)

1.5 Friendly and Safety (Safety-Friendly Tourism)

1.6 Culture-Friendly Tourism

1.7 Friendly for the community (Local-Friendly Tourism)

1.8 Friendly with innovation and technology (Innovation & Technology-Friendly Tourism)

1.9 Sustainability-Friendly Tourism

We invite everyone to come together to create a history of friendship. Thailand is a tourist and friendly city by joining forces from all sectors to promote and develop a good quality of life, happiness, convenience, modernity, and safety in living smart life, including work and leisure travel. This idea focuses on the five main target groups below.

1. The elderly

2. Rehabilitated Patients

3. People with disabilities

4. Wheeled people or people using wheelchairs

5. Families with small children (Use a stroller)

Let’s join together to drive the trade economy and a society that will not leave anyone behind. (No one was left behind & No one was left in the car)

With love and best wishes

From Mr. Krisana Lalai

The President of Friendly Design for all Foundation and Chairperson of the 6th Thailand Friendly Design Expo 2022

*** Follow Facebook page: Thailand Friendly Design Expo to keep update with the progress of the 6th Thailand Friendly Design Expo and booth details.

*** Phone number: 098 119 9888 ,083 139 8888 ,081 855 1199

*** Email :

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